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Firewalls and basic types of intrusion alarms cover systems from incoming threats but do not detect infections or subtle intrusions. Shadow Tap intrusion sensors passively watch networks to detect malicious actors quickly.

Easy Interface

Simply open your portal through our website and manage reports and alerts through an easy to access interface.

Detailed Reporting

Reports include flagged potential threats, network and device locations and affected ports.

Live Threat Alerts

Alerts for pending security threats, as well as infections and remediation tips.


Packet Threats

Traffic across your network is intercepted, logged and presented for analysis.

Simple Setup

Setting network features is as simple as logging onto our website and choosing your rules.


Our Interface is compatible with PC and Mobile for maximum usability.

What Is Shadow Tap?

Shadow Tap is a network intrusion detection system that combines hardware and software features to keep client and company information safe; along with data, devices and network applications. Most networks rely on basic firewalls to identify certain malicious activity, but this still leaves vulnerabilities.

Shadow Tap sensors watch networks for over 12,000 signatures and can be made to follow 65,000 rules, covering everything from well-known threats to all of the latest trends in cyber threat.

Shadow Tap

Easily Deployed Anywhere

Part of the Shadow Tap appeal is ease of accessibility. You simply plug in a Shadow Tap sensor into the network and follow the onscreen instructions on how to activate it. As soon as you register your device in-depth reporting is available at home, at work or on the go.

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Point & Click Rule Configuration

Intrusion sensors come equipped to respond to over 12,000 rules, identifying well-known network security threats, as well as new models of risk and attack. An additional 65,000 rules can be added to create a customized network security monitoring system.

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