Everyone knows the importance of installing antivirus software on home computers. Installing these basic network security tools may help to protect personal information around households but it is not enough to safeguard businesses. Businesses great and small are often targets for network security attacks, in both obvious forms and through sneakier approaches. Companies of any size have a responsibility to their clients, staff and to themselves to protect function, usage and personal information. In order to accomplish this, it is important to know exactly what you are up against.

Understanding Your Network and Security

The most common question associated with digital safety is: what is network security? Digital security is a broad term referring to any action or programs that work to identify and prevent malicious activity on your network. These systems can be as simple as a store-bought programs or layers of defences throughout the network itself and in surrounding areas. The more outlets that your business has, the more points of vulnerability there are to manage. This is where a multi-level approach becomes so important. Each layer has its own set of commands, controls and policies designed to safeguard logins and e-mails as well as personal and financial information.

Having a grasp on one of these areas is great but proper security means monitoring all facets of your system for established threats, as well as new and evolving ones. These constantly evolving needs make it impossible for a single antivirus program or firewall to cover any and all vulnerable areas. The most common types of network security within a business are: antivirus and anti-malware software, firewalls, wireless web security, mobile device security and network access control. This is a lot to take on at once, so security firms have had to innovate in order to keep up.

Advanced Network Security Technologies

Digital security organizations are committed to finding new and exciting ways of keeping company information safe and secure. Companies like Shadow Tap are combining hardware and software to guard against attacks. By assessing and identifying potential threats, the Shadow Tap technique provides full-detailed reporting. This system can pinpoint targeted ports along with the type and origin of attempted attacks.

Network Security For Businesses


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